How Can I Build Muscle? - A Stupid Question Or?

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Otherwise, read on..

Have you ever asked yourself the above question, "how can I build muscle"?

If you have ever wondered that, pause for a second and think... Don't you think you are a WEIRDO? Do you honestly think people actually ask themselves that question? Are you a retard? Are you such a loser that you actually need to wonder the answer to that question?! Are you a blonde girl? Why are you even asking such a question! (no offence to blondes, just borrowing you for this post :P)

The WHOLE world is asking about, "how can i lose weight" and HERE YOU ARE asking, "how can i build muscle"?!

Have you realized that the Internet seems to be just like the above? Search engines provide you with way many instances of weight loss programs, but it is so difficult to look for a proper muscle building program!

There are bodybuilding websites out there with a TON of articles. But they are pretty inappropriate for 'average' people purposes. They either have too many sets per muscle group in the workout, or they workout every day of the week without rest.

As hardgainers(characterized not only through 'skinniness' but also the difficulty in gaining muscle mass), we need more rest between workout days. If rest time between workout days is reduced, then the intensity of each training will have to be reduced.

Do you see the ideal solution? BECAUSE I DO! (lol).

If we were to work out intensely each time in the gym (because that is the way maximum muscle growth is stimulated), we may have to put our second work out session one or two days later. Meanwhile during the rest days between the workouts, you will do something called 'active recovery'. If you have somewhat higher levels of body fat percentage, you can do some light interval cardio. If you have a lagging body part, then you can work on that by doing specialization exercises. By subscribing to Gain Weight Build Muscle, you stand to win a chance to get 'Celebrity Body Secrets: Finally Revealed!' along with many other EBooks for a great discounted price, and inside there you will learn about the simplest and most effective specialization technique! [Shameless plug yes I know]

By doing the above trick, you stand to make maximal muscle gains without overtraining! Also you will not be in the gym everyday, so you will not feel 'gym jitters' or feel turned off by the idea of working out!

- Alvin