How Much Exercise Is Too Much?

How do you know how much exercise is too much for you? Is it 20 sets total? Or is it 15 sets per body part? How exactly do you measure 'overtraining'?

Well, for one, everyone has different threshold levels before they hit the overtraining state. I know you may think I am an ass for saying this, but to find out how much exercise is too much, you will have to find out yourself by working out. There are however workouts on the Internet which will definitely be able to stimulate muscle gains for you yet not lead you into overtraining. One such example are the workouts in the free EBook I have provided you with, Muscle Building Step By Step. If you have not subscribed for the free EBook, do it now at the home page!

Well, but there is this one REALLY simple way which is able to tell you whether you are going into overtraining mode soon. Motivation to go to the gym. If you feel zero motivation to exercise and whatsoever, that probably means you are hitting your maximum threshold soon and it is best to rest more. However, do not mix this up with simply feeling lazy, you will have to understand and know the difference in these two feelings within yourself. This method seems too easy to be true, but it IS true that the method is that simple!

Anyway here's an epic workout scene from My Wife And Kids. Overtraining to the maximum! Haha.

- Alvin