Muscle Strength - Is It Related To Muscle Size?

muscle strength
How important is muscle strength?

Will improving one's muscle strength actually increase the size of your muscles? Or at least cut you more toned?

If you have noticed, power lifters, who are very very strong, and certainly have alot of muscle strength are in fact very big sized. I do not call them muscular since they have lots of muscles, have a considerably low body fat percentage but not yet, ripped.

Oppose this to bodybuilders. However, if you realized, bodybuilders are not weak either! They are strong. Imagine the following scenario. If you were to use a heavier weight (still done with proper form) than a person who is slightly more muscular than you.  If you were to keep working on that, and taking in sufficient protein, do you seriously think you will not be able to grow to his size, or even exceed him quickly?

Muscle strength is very important. Improving your muscle strength will not only make you more 'functional' in your daily life, but also become more muscular and more ripped.

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