How To Maintain Muscle Mass While Overseas?

Going on a holiday? Freaking out over losing your hard gained muscles? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

You're on a holiday and you're worrying over such things? Come on now. It isn't normal to be worrying about that! (Actually I'm kidding, I also used to worry about such 'stupid' stuff)

How then should you maintain your muscle mass? Is it impossible? Do you have to go to the hotel or motel's gym every single bloody night you spend overseas? Wouldn't that spoil your trip?

What I do, is bodyweight exercises whenever I go overseas. Also with consuming sufficient protein, I find maintaining muscle mass easy as hell now!

Here's a sample body weight exercise routine you should use at least once every 2 days you are on a holiday trip(or business trip). I personally do them at night, but you can perform them in the morning if you wish to.

4 sets of 20 pushups
4 sets of one arm row exercise using your luggage
2 sets of 25 repetitions of leg raises

Simple as that! my luggage is usually around 20 kg, so it gives a pretty nice feeling workout.

You feel great and you don't have to worry about losing any of your hard gained muscles whenever you're on holiday!

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