Should You Train When You Are Sick?

Maybe once in a while, you fall ill, probably a light cold or a severe fever. So how do you know if you should train when you are sick?

In this post, I will talk about training when you unfortunately already fell sick (not going to fall ill, that goes under overtraining post which is --> [How Much Exercise Is Too Much?].

If you have a fever, do not workout. If you have a cold, that depends. Most articles on the Internet advocate this advice - Workout only if your cold affects only your neck and above.

I agree with it. If you're wheezing and stuff, do not work out. Breathing problems when working out are not ideal at all. Secondly, if you're already having problems breathing, cardio exercises like running may result in death. (Though light cardio like brisk walking will help clearing up, though I prefer resting at home)

If you wish to do workout with weights when you are ill, do not finish your sets to failure, be sure to stop 1 or 2 repetitions before failure.

- Alvin 

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